Twilight73 – my new blog

This is my first blog.  I called it Twilight because I am in the twilight years of my life.

The numbers 7 + 3 represent July 3rd, my birth date.

Why do I need to start a blog?  Because I enjoy writing and sharing the knowledge and experiences I have gained in my life.

I have enjoyed photography since I obtained my first camera in my early teens so photos will accompany most of my blogs and stories.

I have kept a personal hard copy blog the latter 35 years of my life so I have some experience in regularly putting “pen to paper” and recording the ups and downs that we all experience.

Since I enjoy correspondence,  I hope for comments and feedback on my topics and look forward to connecting with those that share my interests.

4 thoughts on “Twilight73 – my new blog

  1. Hi Glenn I also enjoy writing and I have written on and off since I was very young. I like to take photographs too so writing and photography seem to go hand in hand. Hope you are well. I am still waiting for your questions about my home town of Geelong. cheers from Cassie


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