1933-35 Ford one ton hoist truck

KODAK Digital Still Camera
I recently discovered this old Ford truck in the woods behind an old abandoned farm. I did a little research and learned it was a one ton truck with a lift box but I had trouble establishing the year. The wheels are original but the turn signals mounted on the front fenders may have been added some time after it came off the assembly line.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Since the grill was rather unique I used it to track down the age and found a 1935 truck that was very similar. There is a dent on the frame of the grill, but the grill it self is in good condition.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
This view shows the hoist used to lift the box or bed of the truck to assist with loading and unloading. This portion of the truck still has the original black paint while the rest shows the undercoat and rust.

Recently I rediscovered an old Ford coin that was issued in 1933 to celebrate thirty years of Ford vehicles production. The grill depicted on the coin is very similar to the grill on the truck shown above. It appears this grill design was in production as early as 1933 and continued at least until 1935.  I would be interested in any comments on this topic. The reverse side of the coin is also shown. The coin has been sold on the internet for as much as a hundred dollars and a rebuilt 1935 truck is on the market for up to $37,000.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Ford 30 years coin.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Reverse side of coin.

3 thoughts on “1933-35 Ford one ton hoist truck

    1. Sadly, it’s not mine and the owner seems to be unaware what he has hidden away far from prying eyes. It is safe where it is but time is marching on. I have made a point in my blog not to betray the location.


  1. The truck is in remarkably good condition–considering. Lights intact, windshield not too bad, etc. I bet with a little tender loving care, it could be running again. Some of our old tractors were much worse shape–and they ran after a little expenditure of time and elbow grease–and a few starter or magneto adjustments.


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