What’s in a Blog?

This is my third post in my new blog and I have been giving consideration as to what it is I intend to write about.  I think I need to have a theme. When I recently reviewed a number of new blogs that  appeared in WordPress.com I found only a couple that caught my attention. The variety of the subject matter was vast.  People were writing about topics I would never have thought of and some of the entries were quite long.

I did realize that my blog was not going to be about one subject or topic. I want to have the freedom to write about anything that is of interest to me and hopefully future readers. Because I am in my twilight years I have a vast source of experience to fall back on.  That of course assumes that I have experienced  interesting times and events.

Perhaps my theme should deal with my experiences both past and present and naturally have emphasis with the past since it far exceeds my current years. I have always considered myself an observant person. I have always been very aware of my surroundings and had a sense of history. Maybe I should have called my blog – A lifetime of observations.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
I live in a rural setting of ten acres which is part of 140 acres of woods. The photo was taken in the early morning hours and the evergreen trees are just a few of the dozens I planted over thirty years ago. It is a very peaceful setting populated by less than one person per square mile, in the whole county.


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