Tattered curtains.


This old house sits out in the country west of Lancaster, abandoned and forlorn. The paint faded away many long years ago and almost every pane of glass, along with the window frames, have fallen out. After the home was deserted trees started growing right up against the walls and some of those are now almost thirty years old.

Some time ago I noticed curtains hanging out the living room window and blowing in the breeze. Those curtains are now long gone.  However when I went to the rear of the house I found curtains hanging out the rear dining room window.


This photo was taken from the rear of the house and is somewhat sheltered by trees and brush. Look closely and you will see that two halfs of the curtains remain. The right one hangs down the middle of the window, almost entirely outside, while the left one has only the lower half hanging out.


Both curtains have been snagged by the burrs growing outside the window and they have become entangled to each other. Now that they are exposed to all the rain and winter weather they will soon be reduced to tatters.

I cannot help but think that the woman that made these curtains with loving care would be surprised that they have survived her for many dozens of years.

15 thoughts on “Tattered curtains.

  1. This place is still owned by a family member. Gary Johnson of Hallock, MN. I used to work for Gary. Ive cut the hay around that yardsite and worked the field many times surrounding it. I believe it was his grandparents homestead, on his mothers side.


    1. Thank for the comments. I always felt the farm site had a lot of memories and I wished I knew more. Do you mind telling me how you came across by blog site as I am curious and wish to learn how to develop my new blog on a wider view.


  2. Leland says it could have been one of the Pearson sisters that made the curtains. I’ll bet they would be very surprised to see them still hanging.


  3. Leland says it could have been one of the Pearson sisters that made the curtains. I’m sure they would be amazed the curtains are still hanging.


  4. This little house is right by my grandparent’s farm. I’ve asked about it and my dad told me about visiting the two sisters who lived there when they were kids. Their names were Mable and Helen Erickson. My grandma is Luella Quiner. She would know more about it. 🙂


    1. Mable and Helen Hendrickson were the last of the family to live on the farm in this house. Hedvic Nordin, Olive Mortenson , Amy Gustafson(Betty Steen’s Mom) and Ruth Haines(Elaine Knutson’s mom) 6 sisters! The “Old Maids”, were the best neighbors for a couple of kids. They always had milk and cookies to share or apples and vegies from their garden. Mark and I would ride our bikes to their house to visit them!


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