The Fog is starting to lift.

100_5437 (640x480)

The fog is lifting on my blog and I am starting to gather some statistics. Even the best blog in the world is a waste of time if no one reads it. I am not trying to be famous, I simply wish to share my blog and photos with people who have similar interests.

This blog was a bust until I posted it on my Face Book page. Until this  morning I had zero visitors and zero page views. Once on Facebook the visitors started to roll in and I am very pleased to report that as of 8 pm I have had seventy-seven visitors who have reviewed 103 pages! I even had one comment, but no “Likes”.

While all of this activity is appreciated it does not make what I would call a successful blog. That would require steady traffic over a period of some time.  Success will require good photos and interesting topics and that will be my responsibility. Hopefully I will keep the blog interesting and earn some likes.

10 thoughts on “The Fog is starting to lift.

      1. Have you tried tags in the reader? Have you gone to “freshly pressed” to browse?. Also try some “Meet and Greet” pages on some blogs where you leave your link and get exposure to other bloggers. Mine is a slow growing blog, but all these things have helped. I’ve joined larger, successful blogs and explored links through them. That has helped a lot.


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