DNA – Submitted

KODAK Digital Still Camera
This is the DNA kit I obtained from Ancestry.com last week. The lid flips open and the instructions sit on top of the contents.  Everything is labeled and easy to understand.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The container on the lower right contains a tube with a little funnel on top. You simply spit in the tube then pour in a preservative (supplied) and it is ready to ship off. The collection bag shown on the lower left receives the tube and then they are both placed in the shipping package shown at the top.  It is necessary to activate the program by going on to the Ancestry.com site. You have to report the registration number that is located on the spit bottle. Package is prepaid so all you have to do is pop it in the mail. I have included the instructions which are simple and easy to follow.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
I expect to hear the results in four to six weeks.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

11 thoughts on “DNA – Submitted

    1. Hi Rita. My mother was born in Melrose, Scotland and my father in Belfast, Ireland. However genealogy has taught me that my father’ father and even further back were also from Scotland so I am curious if the DNA confirms that and also tells me more. I will keep you posted. Glenn


    1. Just noticed these comments. DNA gives us some good clues as to where our family members came from. You might be surprised to find out a lot of your ancestors were Vikings which will help to explain why you like to travel and bring things home. (smiling)

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