Tattered Curtains – Family History

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The above Map is of Granville Township, located to the west of Lancaster. The “Tattered Curtains” house is located on the lower right corner of section 16 and shows the location of the house with a small empty circle. An occupied house is indicated by a simple small circle which signifies an unoccupied house..

Through recent enquiries I have learned that the house was originally built by F.Ludvig Henrickson who was born in Skane, Sweden in 1864. He came to America in 1880 and moved to Kittson County, MN in 1894. He purchased a quarter of land in in Granville Township.

The following was taken from the Kittson Historical book (red cover) called “Our Northwest Corner”, Page 178. It was written by Mr. L. Henrickson’s daughter Hedvig – (Mrs Martin Nordine.)

“When hauling lumber  from Hallock one time to begin building on his farm, the horses became frightened and started running. The lumber slipped off the wagon and dad with it. A wheel rolled over one of his legs breaking it below the knee.  Due to inadequate medical attention, blood poisoning set in making it necessary to amputate his leg.  This proved to be a handicap the rest of life.”

Ludvig met and married his wife Hannah Nelson who lived with her parents on section #15, just north of Ludvig’s farm. They had six daughters Mable, Amy, Helen, Ruth, Hedvig and Olive and one son who died at six months. Mable and Helen stayed at home to help their parents. Ludvig died in 1951 at 86 and his wife died in 1956 when she was 84.

I cannot help but think that Mrs Hendrickson made the curtains shown in the earlier blog photogrpaph or one of the daughters. There is a possibility these curtains were seventy- five years old.

Thanks to Lon Jerome and his sources for the information that started me on the right trail with the correct name.

7 thoughts on “Tattered Curtains – Family History

  1. I love hearing about the people, places and photos that you have taken in Kittson County. The map that you showed is very interesting. Is it possible to get a copy of this map? I hope to visit this area next spring and find out more information on my fraternal grandmother, Alma Anderson. I’d also like to locate the farm where she and her family lived outside of Lancaster. Her parents were Andrew Anderson and Kristina Erickson.


    1. Hi Vicki Volker, I can get you a copy of the map but let us wait until we locate the farm(s) your relatives lived on. I will do a little research on the names you have mentioned and get back to you. Glenn


  2. I do love history and research. Well done Glenn on generating an interest in the history of Granville Township. I often do research on Geelong, it’s history, the history of the buildings. I find history fascinating.


    1. I see you have been digging into my blog. While our county, Kittson, is the third smallest, we do have some excellent records and that makes it possible and interesting to do research. Norman Wolf Kittson was originally a Canadian and was an early pioneer and played a big part in the history of the Red River Valley. Thanks for taking the time to read it.


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