I’m Curious?

Twenty-four hours ago I posted Tattered Curtains – Family History and yet I have not had a single visitor.

What is strange is that the first posting on this topic had over 77 visitors. The follow-up blog answered many questions as to the owners of this old abandoned house and I expected many readers would have been anxious for more information.

Any comments or suggestions as to the fate of this particular blog would be appreciated.

7 thoughts on “I’m Curious?

  1. I don’t always read all the blogs I follow on a daily basis. I tend to take a big chunk of time once or twice a week to catch up on my blogs that I enjoy. I have enjoyed reading your posts thus far and look forward to more posts.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Randali. I am still trying to understand whether or not I did something wrong and my blog, Tattered Curtains – Family History failed to appear on my Face Book page. I only started with Word Press this month and I am still learning all the tricks of this business. Thanks for following.


    1. Hi Irene, The Lancaster town and area are very fortunate to have three history books while the County has two even larger ones. Added to that we have a number of Atlases. My favorite is the 1990 which includes all the maps for 1912 and many photos. Thanks for your comments and getting involved.


  2. Some posts are like that. Somehow they miss the exposure. You CAN reblog your own post in an effort to get it noticed. You can also go to a blog like the one Opinionated Man (Harsh Reality) runs, where there is a Meet and Greet board, on which you can place links to your post.
    The Blogging 101 or Writing 101 courses are good places to get noticed also. It can be hard to “break ground” sometimes. It’s work that pays off though!


  3. Hi Glenn how are you? I will have to go and read your post on Tattered Curtains now. I am intrigued. I love history and when I write over on my other web pages, I often include history in my pages. I didn’t realise you were a newbie too. We can learn from each other. I haven’t even started to post my blogging from word press on my facebook page yet. Hmm there is food for thought.


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