Anderson, Andrew – 1863-1914

I have always been interested in genealogy and local history. If we have the full name, place of birth and birth date we have a very good chance of  obtaining information on the individual. Recently I learned about Andrew Anderson and there was a question about where the farm was located.

I did locate him in the “Our Northwest Corner” Kittson County genealogy book, but no mention was made about the farm.  A careful reading of the text indicate the family “lived close to the church” which was called the Saron Church.   I knew the location of the Saron church which sat on Section #2 in Thompson Township. Since the church sat by the road that divided Granville and Thompson townships it was necessary to check both township maps. It was a very slow process and was not very productive. I considered living close to the church to mean they were within three or four miles.

I was rather surprised on my third attempt to find the Anderson farm right next to the Church. The church is on the n/w quarter and the farm on the n/e quarter!  Yes, I would say they lived close to the Church!

The family history was written by one of the daughters Alma (Mrs. Clifford Johnson) and can be found on page 12 near the front of the book. I have attached a section of the Thompson Twp map and if you look closely at the very top of the map you will note the Church – cemetery in Sec.#2.  The name And Anderson indicates Andrews farm.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I was aware the Saron Church was hit by lightning and destroyed by fire in 1910. It was rebuilt.

What I found very surprising to read was that Andrew Anderson was also hit by lightning on July 14th 1914 while working in the hay field and killed at age 51. His wife died eight months later at age 50.  The six children struggled on with the help of an Uncle.]

Both parents, one son and two daughters are buried at Saron Cemetery. Life was tough in those days.

6 thoughts on “Anderson, Andrew – 1863-1914

  1. Thanks, Glenn for the information about my grandfather! Some of this was new information and I appreciate you working on this. Is their house or any out buildings still standing? Thanks again!


    1. No Andrew Anderson is not a relative. As they say, I am really into genealogy and like to assist local or former residents with questions on family. Taught a class on genealogy at the local museum for five years and enjoyed it greatly.

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  2. Glenn gave very valuable information in his genealogy class at the Kittson County Historical Museum in Lake Bronson. I thoroughly enjoyed every session and wish he would have kept up with the meetings. Thanks Glenn, for all your historical work.


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