Tattered curtains – poignant

I recently (Oct 23rd) created a post called “Tattered curtains” and posted it on my blog twilight73.wordpress.com. It was well accepted and almost a hundred individuals read it. One reader left a comment and called it poignant. Thanks Ann htt://annofgg.wordpress.com

Now poignant was in my word vocabulary but I had not used it in some time, so I Googled it to refresh my memory. This is what I found.

Poignant – Adjective.  “Evoking a keen sense of sadness or regret.”

“A poignant reminder of the passing of time.”

Synonyms – touching, moving, sad, affecting, pitiful, piteous, pathetic, sorrowful, mournful, wretched, miserable, distressing, heart rendering, tear jerking, plaintive, tragic.

I now appreciate that poignant was the perfect word to express what I was attempting to create when I wrote “Tattered curtains.”  It is a great word and I plan to express it in a couple of more posts in the near future.


8 thoughts on “Tattered curtains – poignant

  1. I enjoy good words. Sometimes I pull a word out of my hat and my friends go “wow that was a big word” or something like that. I just laugh because my head is full of words and sometimes it’s a relief to get them out of my head. Now I want to go and find your post called Tattered Curtains Glenn.

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  2. Sometimes words pop into my head; such wonderful sounding words I wonder how they came to me, where they came from and why they flowed out at those particular moments into those stories. A few times that happened I later realized the words didn’t actually fit the stories, but I’d fallen in love with the words themselves, the sounds of them, the art in the text. Reluctant to drop them entirely, I’d often follow some into entirely different stories. I wonder if that makes me odd if anyone else experiences such.

    Thank you for the chat @camaerapentravel and @glennroybrowne!


    1. Words often just pop in my head and fortunately almost all of them apply. I often do wonder where they have come from…they are often a complete surprise…but I do go and check the meaning before I use them in public. I think it comes from a lot of reading, being impressed by new words, looking them up and filing them away in the brain somewhere for later use.

      I’m glad this one word was found to be apt and was enjoyed and appreciated by others who saw it.


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