Waiting for the snow.

It’s almost the main topic of discussion. When is it going to snow? Most of my life it snowed Halloween night or a day or two later. This is a very usual. I’ve experienced big snow storms before this date!


We are seeing some frost during the night and that results in a white coating on small trees and things close to the ground where it is colder.


The frost can become quite creative on dried weeds, but it does not last long.


A few tough leaves appear very colorful amongst the dead grass and weeds


100_5445 (640x480)

Could this be the calm be for the storm?  A big fat snowstorm!


Serious storms deprive us of power, followed by transportation, (no school, no mail, no food, and peace of mind.  Let us enjoy our present peace and tranquility. A late winter provides us with a longer fall and a  shorter winter.  Definitely a win/win situation.   Stay tuned for…………


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