Two Rivers – middle branch

Normally in late November we find our local rivers frozen over and covered in six inches to a foot in fluffy white snow.  This year is an exception.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Two Rivers – middle branch

The temperature has been hovering in the thirties and a considerable quantity of water is on the move in the river. This has prevented the river from freezing over completely so the ice is thin and limited to  along the banks.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

This scene is unusual because of the flowing and open water and the limited amount of snow. These photos were taken south of Hwy #175 and west of Hwy #5, other wise referred to as Hawkyard’s Corner.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Fox tracks

The pleasant conditions have affected the wildlife so animal tracks are numerous on the ice along the edge of the running water and through out the woods on either side.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
A bend in the river.

It is hard to believe that this peaceful scene is within sight of a busy highway, but hidden away.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Burbling rapids

The water flowing over the rapids can be heard long before it comes into view. The shallow water makes a great location for the deer and other wildlife to drink or ford the river.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
At the edge of the little rapids.

As the water level drops along with the temperature, this spot will soon be frozen over and covered deeply in snow. This is the last view until spring.


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