Winter takes hold.

During the night we got about six inches of fresh light snow and our woods have transformed. The ground reminds me of a new canvass, waiting for mother nature to record her activities.

More snow is expected, along with strong winds, so our local school was cancelled. I’ve taken my scoop and opened the driveway to the gravel road. In the next day or two I will widen the trail and push the snow back. While the main highways have already been plowed it will take more time for the gravel secondary roads to be cleaned off.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
The grey overcast is blocking the sun but the snow fall is lessening.

Our county highway departments is very efficient at removing snow and it takes a major storm to prevent us from getting into town. This snowfall has not closed any roads but serious winds can change that fast.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Rarely does the mail fail to get through so one of my first snow day tasks is to clear the snow from around the mail box.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Other than our neighbors across the road, no one else lives within a mile in any direction. If you go off the road or get stuck you better be ready to walk.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Most of the farm land in this county is very flat so I like to head to the local river to get some interesting photos. It has not been too cold so we still have open water where ever there are rapids.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
This shot might make a good Christmas Card.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
All it lacks is a deer having a drink.

We are already two months into winter but only received a little more than a foot of snow. One year, 1997, we had ten blizzards and a hundred inches of snowfall. It was even worse in the 1940’s. It’s rather boring now.



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