A Typsy Red Barn

This old barn has been sitting out  in the open prairie all its life and the accumulated north winds have finally had an effect. The farmer is long gone as are all the horses, cows, and other livestock that sought shelter during the long winter months.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
The effects of life on the northern plains.

Notice how the upper track of the main door has come to rest on the top of the door. This in turn has jammed and prevented the building from leaning any further and ultimately falling over.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
The wall of the barn is badly stressed and most of the window trim has fallen off. Amazingly none of the panes of glass have broken.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
The side view shows the wall is starting to bow out and this in turn will cause the roof to sag until it fails and collapses the whole barn.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Interior view of the old stalls.

The wooden interior is still in good condition as is the cement floor. A skillful carpenter could jack the building back into place but there is little use for this building as a barn. Without some special attention it has a short life span at this stage.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
This shot taken from the rear of the barn once again shows another jammed barn door which help contribute to its support. The windswept prairie is very close at hand.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
This view of a corner of the cedar shingled roof, along with the faded red barn paint, reflects its long years of service.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
The rear of the barn and the outlying buildings show they were all well maintained during their service, but nothing lasts for ever.


2 thoughts on “A Typsy Red Barn

  1. It would have been a beautiful old building in its heyday. What a lovely set of photos. I’m with Debbie. Did you actually venture in there? You are very brave. I would have remained outside. It’s amazing that the glass panes haven’t broken.


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