Old Country Schoolhouse

Kittson County is slowly losing the little schoolhouses that were spread around the townships. A few are still maintained and used as meeting halls. The rest are ignored, paint peeling, boards rotting and roofs sagging. Some were moved and used for storage buildings but the rest have been knocked down or burned.

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North Star School

This particular little old school house is located on the northern border of section 27 of Richardville township.  It is unusual because it is more than twice the size of a regular school and had a tower.

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The building sits out on the flat prairie and is believed to be more than a hundred years old.
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At one time a interior ladder provided access to the top of the tower.

While I have examined the building and the tower I have not be able to determine why the tower was built on the school house and what it was used for. If you have any knowledge on the history of this school please comment.

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Main classroom – east wing.

The leaking roof has damaged the ceiling and the building will not last much longer.  Note that the blackboards are still hanging on the walls and the old oil burner is still in place.

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Note the three blackboards on the north wall.                    
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Some interesting graffiti                                            

The Murray farm was right across the road to the north. It appears the grandson visited the school a hundred years after it opened.

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This is the interior of the western section of the school with another oil burner and possibly and original wood stove.  Note the student lockers along the back wall. The photo was taken while standing of what appeared to be a small stage. 

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This shows the western half of the school, while  looking eastward.

If you have any information regarding this old country school house please comment on this blog or email me at gbrowne@wiktel.com.  I know there are many people who would enjoy hearing more about this school.




2 thoughts on “Old Country Schoolhouse

  1. This is so interesting! I used to prowl around abandoned buildings in high school, and so I appreciate you sharing this with all of us! The tower reminds me of the schoolhouse in the movie “Pete’s Dragon” (which I loved as a kid!), which I believe had a large bell in a tower (similar to a church bell). Could that be it?


  2. I understand that the tower once held a bell in it. If you like these types of topics may I direct you to “Tattered Curtains” that was posted in October of last year and “Recycled Life History” which I posted in November. They are both about old buildings with interesting histories. Thanks for taking the time to comment Maria.


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