Fading memories

Why do old weathered farm buildings produce comforting memories deep within our soul?   Why do we covet hand crafted hinges and door latches, produced by the skill of a long gone blacksmith?  If you have never had these feelings then don’t read further.

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These old storage building were last used for grain storage, as signified by all the windows and openings having been boarded over. Perhaps they once were used to store farm equipment which has now been hidden out of sight in a lesser position of importance.

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These old horse pulled hay rakes have done their job and like so many before them will soon be sold for scrap.  In the mean time they turn a rusty red, while the buildings lose their original red paint.  Left alone, mother nature steps in and changes the wood into a  variety of soft greys with orange/red lichens as trim.

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The three doors of the grain bin are showing the ravages time. The wood is rotting, the doors are sagging on their hinges, and the lower boards are departing, one by one. Instead of a lock or a latch, the rims of old wooden wagon wheels are used to hold the doors closed. Time works at a methodical but unstoppable pace.

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While the ravages of time completes the destruction of the once robust outside stairs, bushes have taken root in a quiet and sheltered site, ignored by the rest of the passing world.

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No matter from which direction the remains of the old farm are viewed, it exhibits the feeling of peace and tranquility. Lets hope we all depart in a similar manner.


2 thoughts on “Fading memories

    1. Thanks very much Irene. I am working on a couple of long blogs that I may have to break up into four or five posts. I hope to finish one this month and I will be interested in receiving your comments.


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