Fairies Hankies

I cannot recall when I first heard these words but it was as a child and I never forgot them. Early one recent morning, after a heavy dew, I saw these cobwebs scattered over the back lawn and the term Fairies Hankies popped into my mind from some where deep in my memory.


The last of the snow was gone but the spiders were very quick to spin their webs between the old grass and dead leaves that lay scattered over the lawn. During the early morning hours the dew settled on the webs and they all stood out, glistening in the morning light.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

As the sun comes out and the ground warms up the dew is burned off and the webs disappear. Conditions have to be just right to create the proper effect.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Someone long ago, with a vivid imagination, coined the term Fairies Hankies.  It is a perfect name for a delicate object and I doubt it can be improved upon.  Watch for them early on a dewy morning and be sure to pass the term along to young children who will be delighted in the words and hopefully will remember them for the rest of their life.

3 thoughts on “Fairies Hankies

  1. I have always been in awe of how a tiny creature like a spider can spin such a lovely web. I used to see a lot of these in my lawn at Bronson. A person can not begin to spin the intricacy of a web such as these that are done in just a few hours time overnight.


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