George’s house – a little history

KODAK Digital Still Camera
George’s House

I have learned that George Johnson bought the house and the land from Glen Clair Beck some time in the late 1940’s.

Beck bought the land and a smaller old house from Pete Anderson in 1938. In about 1942 Beck bought the present house and moved into onto the property in order to house his growing family. Betty (Beck) Wileski has kindly provided me with this information.  She lived in the house for about ten years before the family moved to farm south west of Lancaster.

At the present time we have not learned where the house originally came from, but we are still looking. To emphasize how small the original house was, Betty commented with a laugh, “After we moved out, it was turned into a chicken house.”

Betty’s information has confirmed the George Johnson purchased the house and the land and it was never owned by his parents who farmed in the Caribou area. If you know any additional information about George Johnson, his house, or family history please contact me at


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