Moth Lake

Moth lake 2

This is a photo of moth lake taken in the winter. The rest stop is at the top of  the hill in the trees on the right hand side of the photo. The cliff is hidden by the trees.

Moth lake is located on the Trans-Canada Highway west of Kenora, Ontario. It is a small non descript rest stop that sits on the top of a hill with a view of the lake.

The newly married couple decided to move from the Province of Ontario to the open prairie of Saskatchewan. Everything they owned in the world was packed into a medium U-Haul trailer they were towing across Canada in the middle of summer..

They decided to pull into the rest stop to get out and stretch their legs and check the trailer. While sitting on a picnic table they noticed that the left rear tire on the car was low and needed to be changed for the spare.

When they pulled into the park they had turned the unit around so that the car faced the highway and the trailer faced the lake. Because of the weight of the trailer they would have to uncouple it in order to jack up the car.

They no sooner separated the trailer from the car and the trailer started to slowly roll backwards down the slope that led to a cliff overlooking the lake. In a panic they both grabbed the towing bar on the trailer and tried to stop it.

The trailer was full and very heavy. As they braced their feet in the gravel they were slowly dragged along.  They could not see any logs or rocks big enough to put behind the trailer tires. They dare not let go and could only hope the trailer would run into a tree or log and stop.

In a panic they couple yelled for help but the area was deserted. The trailer determinedly continued to slowly roll backwards. It was not until it was near the cliff the the couple realized they were going to have to let go or they would be dragged over the edge and down the cliff.

They stood and watched everything they owned in the world drop over the edge of the cliff and bounce its way down the slope and into Moth Lake. Amazingly the trailer floated but it slowly moved away from the shore.  It eventually bobbed into the middle of the lake and sank.

With the help of a passing motorist they contacted the police and a towing company. The next day the Insurance company hired a diver who found the trailer in the bottom of the lake and hooked up a cable.  It was dragged across the bottom of the lake, up the bolder strewn slope, and then up the cliff face,

Eventually the trailer was hauled into Kenora where everything was unpacked. The valuables were collected, the water damaged items were tossed and a few of the remaining items were saved.

They rarely ever forgot their trip across Ontario to their new home.

2 thoughts on “Moth Lake

  1. This was not your personal experience was it? Or one of your insurance adjuster experiences? I hope they had good insurance coverage anyway.


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