Morning visitor


The day started out with my wife telling me we had a black bear at our feeder. I grabbed my camera and got a shot of the bear lying below the feeder and trying to extract suet from the suet holder. In order to get a better picture I stepped out side and the bear headed into our woods.

I could see the suet holder still held plenty of suet left so I expected he would be back.  Almost on que the bear came back, carefully sniffing the air and anxious to finish his snack.  This gave me the chance to get a better photo, seen above.

The bear looked about couple of years old and it was not too afraid of people.  He slowly sauntered across the yard to my bird bath and had a long refreshing drink, at which time I got another photos.

The bear payed no attention to me but was fully aware of my presence. He turned and strolled off into the woods but returned during the night to finish off the suet treat. While the coat was in good condition the bear looked a little thin and needed to pack on a lot more weight before he retired for the winter.



2 thoughts on “Morning visitor

  1. Those bears will be sitting at you kitchen table one morning–waiting for their morning snack. My sister in law, Marilyn Clinton, had a tame deer that ate breakfast with the kids every morning. She would put a bowl of oatmeal and a piece of toast on the corner of the table, the deer would come in and eat it and then make himself at home on the sofa til someone let him out again. Somewhere, I have a photo of my kids sitting on the couch with the deer.


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