Baby Bears

The first week in May I happened to look out my kitchen window and saw a small bear cub in my yard. Because of its size I immediately started looking for the mother but she was no where in sight.

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Not wishing to meet the mother, I stayed inside and the bear cub wandered off into my woods.  A couple of days later the same scene played out but this time I had two small bear cubs.  When I say small I mean they were far to small to be out and about without their mother.

The third time this guy showed up I felt safe in venturing out into the yard and obtained the above photo.  He was obviously alone, looked thin, hungry, and looking for help.

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This photo of the pathetic little orphan makes it obvious it needs help.  I went to the house for a hamburger bun and rolled a piece across the lawn to him. He immediately picked it up and started munching on a corner.

Because of his condition he was not too afraid of me and I could get within a dozen feet before he would turn and move away.

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I was hoping a bit of food would help him survive until he found his mother. From the difficulty he was having it was obvious he was thirsty so I set out a dish of milk.

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Alternating between the bun and the milk he slowly did better then wandered off into the woods.  I left the milk and in the morning it was all gone. The cub never returned and even though I later searched our woods I was unable to find any of the cubs or their mother, dead or alive.

The experts tell you not to feed a bear cub regular milk as they cannot digest it and it makes them sick.  Goats milk is recommended.  Since I did not have goats milk and the cub was in serious condition I did my best.  Had I gone for goats milk the cub would have been gone before I got back.

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As the days past following the bear cub visit we kept our eyes open in the hopes of seeing the mother and her cubs.  I also contacted a few people but no one else saw the cubs again and no one ever saw a mother bear with cubs.

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I did what little I could, all the time making sure I did not get between a mother bear and her cub.  Mother nature can be cruel and I doubt of this little guy survived. All we can do is appreciate his photos and hope he made it.

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