Time capsules

Many forgotten old storage sheds are hidden on the prairies. The farm has been abandoned, in many cases the house has been salvaged, burned down, or moved to another site. Visits to the old farm become less and less and finally no one even visits the place because only old rusted junk remains. The trees and bushes take over and soon the buildings disappear.


How many times have you driven by one of these old sheds and been curious as to what lies inside?  Here is a peak into the past.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

For starters, the roof is in the last stage of destruction and collapse. Caution is primarily as the wrong touch or bump can launch and landslide of debris on your head. This shed hold very old auto and truck parts from the early 1900’s.


Obviously the body of an old car with fenders, hoods and miscellaneous parts scattered about.


This view shows the rear tires and frame of a vehicle, accompanied by more fenders and the springs from the car seats. Many other parts I am unable to identify.


I was surprised by the great condition of the tire tread, but the wheel itself is in poor shape. The owner must have put the vehicle in storage because of mechanical problems, soon after putting a new tire on.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

A couple of 1951 license plates suggests there has not been much activity on this site for about sixty years.


Now your curiosity has been partly satisfied, take a good look as the next storm or falling tree could reduce this time capsule to a junk pile.

3 thoughts on “Time capsules

  1. I have always had the idea, that as a person (or family) abandons a building–the building quickly begins to die too. I love old buildings and wish their walls could tell the tales of the former occupants. A lot of old buildings would have a lot of stories to tell.


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