Blood red apples

When I  was a young RCMP recruit in training in Depot Division in Regina, Saskatchewan there was a strong connection with police activities in the city of Regina and the rest of  the province. Any new crimes caught our attention and we could never get enough information.

In the spring of 1955 a murder occurred in Regina and the details slowly filtered out in bits and pieces. The case was simple and quickly solved. Three elderly seniors were living in a ramshackle house on the edge of town. The woman that owned the house had two male companions living with her and sharing expenses.

It seems a so called senior love triangle formed and the dominant couple eliminated the third party by stabbing him in his bed while he slept. Within a few days the warmer spring weather made it necessary for them to seal the bedroom door to the deceased room as the smell became very strong.  Paper and cloth was used the fill any cracks and holes.

As spring advanced neighbors started to notice the smell and the couple was forced to seal the one exterior bedroom window which was not air tight.  Conditions continued to worsen to the point a next door neighbor phoned the police, who quickly arrived. A simple walk around the house in question left no doubt something was seriously wrong.

In due course the police gained entry and then forced open the deceased’s bedroom door. The crime scene was shocking and hard to comprehend. The body was dressed in long red winter long johns with a knife still protruding from his chest.

The upper half of the body was hanging over the edge of the bed and the bed itself was covered in hundreds and hundreds of maggots. It was impossible to enter the  room as the entire small bedroom floor was a mass of writhing maggots at least three inches deep.

The criminal investigation team and Corners office had to shovel a path to the body in order to extract it.  Gas masks were required during the entire procedure.

In the end the house was crushed and burned, then buried on the lot. During  interrogation the responsible couple admitted everything and were obviously in the early stages of dementia. They were both place in secure mental facilities, until they died.

The ultimate conclusion to the story came when during her interrogation, the woman complained that shortly after the murder she went down the basement to recover a box of fresh apples. Blood from the upstairs bedroom had seeped through the floor onto the apples and she had to wash them all off  before they could eat them!

Very few details reached the public. There are times when it is not necessary to know all the details.