Close-up Photography

I bought a new digital camera not too long ago and I have been very pleased with the results. It has a number of improvements over my previous digital cameras but I have neglected to get familiar with some of the finer points. It has a zoom lens and I have taken advantage of it to improve normal photos but I have not tested it to the maximum. This post shows the results of pushing the zoom/telephoto to the maximum.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Note the grey grain elevator at the far end of the street.

This first shot was taken in Lancaster looking north towards the railway tracks and the most westerly grain elevator which is more than a block away. If you look closely you can see the top of the elevator in the center of the photo in the distance. It is very difficult to see any windows in the top section of the elevator.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Windows in the upper floors of the elevator.

This second shot shows not only the windows but the damage to the glass and the frames. This picture was taken in exactly the same location the first one was taken.  It was not until I got home and displayed it on my computer that  I was amazed with the detail.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

The next shot was taken looking east, towards the town park and the main street clock. The reddish building is the Lancaster Liquor store. In the distance you can see a red vehicle parked on the right hand side of the street. The Town Park and the clock is behind the car but too far away to be easily seen.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Town Clock by the Town Park

This photo was taken while standing in the same location as the last one. A small piece of the red car can been seen in the lower left hand corner of the photo. Christmas decorations can be seen along the bottom of the picture. The new wooden fence on the back of the park is obvious. Above it is the metal roof of the Town Shop. The time of day is easily read.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Lancaster water tower.

This last example is of the town water tower that sits behind the community center. Some of the lettering can be read.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The final shot fills the photo with the letters STE and the hand railing. It is obviously blurred but that is because I failed to hold the camera steady while shooting up in the air.  By using a tripod this problem is eliminated.

I am very please with the telephoto shots and need to take more advantage of this feature. Without the examples I have shown it is very difficult to know when a photo was shot close up or a considerable distance away.  I am looking forward to checking out more of the camera’s features.

A sensible distraction

I just started a course on blogging and today is my third day. So far I have learned something each day. The course is provided by Word Press and it will run for the first three weeks of November.  Once the course starts it is closed to any newcomers.  It does reappear regularly so you could get on board next time.  There is no charge. Go visit Word

KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

Very foggy again the other morning. I appreciate fog because it helps provide unusual photographs. However I think we have had enough gray, dull, and boring days for this fall.  It is also cutting into our winter weather. (I hope I don’t regret saying that.)

Tags and Categories

KODAK Digital Still Camera
One of the important chores in producing a blog has to do with search labels, otherwise known as Tags and Categories. A new blog is not a problem because you can quickly scroll through the contents to find what you are looking for.  As a blog grows the data or subject matter becomes a problem. Who wants to scroll through a hundred blogs looking for a topic that has your interest.

When you label a post with a category you narrow down the subject matter for example, to things like photography, genealogy, or birding. If you are searching with a specific topic such as “tattered curtains”, “fog”, (such as the photo I have added above) the chore is greatly reduced.

In addition, it is required that you give the current location of the topic or photograph, again to assist in locating it. As the contents of a blog grow and expand, a search becomes more manageable if the blogger has added lots of tags and categories. This blog has a search engine awaiting your interests, but needs time to grow.

Tattered Curtains – Family History

KODAK Digital Still Camera
The above Map is of Granville Township, located to the west of Lancaster. The “Tattered Curtains” house is located on the lower right corner of section 16 and shows the location of the house with a small empty circle. An occupied house is indicated by a simple small circle which signifies an unoccupied house..

Through recent enquiries I have learned that the house was originally built by F.Ludvig Henrickson who was born in Skane, Sweden in 1864. He came to America in 1880 and moved to Kittson County, MN in 1894. He purchased a quarter of land in in Granville Township.

The following was taken from the Kittson Historical book (red cover) called “Our Northwest Corner”, Page 178. It was written by Mr. L. Henrickson’s daughter Hedvig – (Mrs Martin Nordine.)

“When hauling lumber  from Hallock one time to begin building on his farm, the horses became frightened and started running. The lumber slipped off the wagon and dad with it. A wheel rolled over one of his legs breaking it below the knee.  Due to inadequate medical attention, blood poisoning set in making it necessary to amputate his leg.  This proved to be a handicap the rest of life.”

Ludvig met and married his wife Hannah Nelson who lived with her parents on section #15, just north of Ludvig’s farm. They had six daughters Mable, Amy, Helen, Ruth, Hedvig and Olive and one son who died at six months. Mable and Helen stayed at home to help their parents. Ludvig died in 1951 at 86 and his wife died in 1956 when she was 84.

I cannot help but think that Mrs Hendrickson made the curtains shown in the earlier blog photogrpaph or one of the daughters. There is a possibility these curtains were seventy- five years old.

Thanks to Lon Jerome and his sources for the information that started me on the right trail with the correct name.

The Fog is starting to lift.

100_5437 (640x480)

The fog is lifting on my blog and I am starting to gather some statistics. Even the best blog in the world is a waste of time if no one reads it. I am not trying to be famous, I simply wish to share my blog and photos with people who have similar interests.

This blog was a bust until I posted it on my Face Book page. Until this  morning I had zero visitors and zero page views. Once on Facebook the visitors started to roll in and I am very pleased to report that as of 8 pm I have had seventy-seven visitors who have reviewed 103 pages! I even had one comment, but no “Likes”.

While all of this activity is appreciated it does not make what I would call a successful blog. That would require steady traffic over a period of some time.  Success will require good photos and interesting topics and that will be my responsibility. Hopefully I will keep the blog interesting and earn some likes.

Tattered curtains.


This old house sits out in the country west of Lancaster, abandoned and forlorn. The paint faded away many long years ago and almost every pane of glass, along with the window frames, have fallen out. After the home was deserted trees started growing right up against the walls and some of those are now almost thirty years old.

Some time ago I noticed curtains hanging out the living room window and blowing in the breeze. Those curtains are now long gone.  However when I went to the rear of the house I found curtains hanging out the rear dining room window.


This photo was taken from the rear of the house and is somewhat sheltered by trees and brush. Look closely and you will see that two halfs of the curtains remain. The right one hangs down the middle of the window, almost entirely outside, while the left one has only the lower half hanging out.


Both curtains have been snagged by the burrs growing outside the window and they have become entangled to each other. Now that they are exposed to all the rain and winter weather they will soon be reduced to tatters.

I cannot help but think that the woman that made these curtains with loving care would be surprised that they have survived her for many dozens of years.

What’s in a Blog?

This is my third post in my new blog and I have been giving consideration as to what it is I intend to write about.  I think I need to have a theme. When I recently reviewed a number of new blogs that  appeared in I found only a couple that caught my attention. The variety of the subject matter was vast.  People were writing about topics I would never have thought of and some of the entries were quite long.

I did realize that my blog was not going to be about one subject or topic. I want to have the freedom to write about anything that is of interest to me and hopefully future readers. Because I am in my twilight years I have a vast source of experience to fall back on.  That of course assumes that I have experienced  interesting times and events.

Perhaps my theme should deal with my experiences both past and present and naturally have emphasis with the past since it far exceeds my current years. I have always considered myself an observant person. I have always been very aware of my surroundings and had a sense of history. Maybe I should have called my blog – A lifetime of observations.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
I live in a rural setting of ten acres which is part of 140 acres of woods. The photo was taken in the early morning hours and the evergreen trees are just a few of the dozens I planted over thirty years ago. It is a very peaceful setting populated by less than one person per square mile, in the whole county.


Morning Fog – Northern Minnesota

KODAK Digital Still Camera
I awoke before sunrise one recent morning and notice that it was very foggy. As the sun slowly rose Icould see that the fog hung low over the fields all around me, blurring the distant trees but making the closest one very sharp. I quickly rose and jumped into my little truck and headed out to find some interesting landscapes. The photo in my first blog was taken the same morning.

I learned some time ago that ground fog can be very fleeting and it is necessary to act quick as the bright sun quickly evaporates ground fog. This shot was taken looking across a field right behind my home.

Twilight73 – my new blog

This is my first blog.  I called it Twilight because I am in the twilight years of my life.

The numbers 7 + 3 represent July 3rd, my birth date.

Why do I need to start a blog?  Because I enjoy writing and sharing the knowledge and experiences I have gained in my life.

I have enjoyed photography since I obtained my first camera in my early teens so photos will accompany most of my blogs and stories.

I have kept a personal hard copy blog the latter 35 years of my life so I have some experience in regularly putting “pen to paper” and recording the ups and downs that we all experience.

Since I enjoy correspondence,  I hope for comments and feedback on my topics and look forward to connecting with those that share my interests.