The James A Ryan – tugboat



The Minnesota and Ontario (Mando) Pulp and paper company at Kenora operated a small fleet of tugs that were used to haul large rafts of pulp logs to the mill. The logs were fed into the mill from the lake and processed into newsprint, the largest percentage going to Minneapolis, MM.

This photo show the James A. Ryan hooking up to the log boom, where it had been temporarily parked near the shore where I lived. The boom would be hauled miles down the lake to some bay where the pulp wood cutters were at work.  The cut logs were dumped into the lake and confined by the log booms.


Each tug was accompanied by a smaller craft that assisted in the operation of the tug and log boom. It was also used to recover any logs that escaped the boom and might be a hazard to other boaters. When in motion the raft was rather large and held many  hundreds of logs, but moved at a slow speed so it was easy to see and avoid.


In this view the tug is gathering up the log boom and preparing to move the raft to the mill. The tug operation was terminated many years ago but the tugs are on display in a couple of parks in the Kenora area. The pulp mill no longer operates and was torn down.