A sensible distraction

I just started a course on blogging and today is my third day. So far I have learned something each day. The course is provided by Word Press and it will run for the first three weeks of November.  Once the course starts it is closed to any newcomers.  It does reappear regularly so you could get on board next time.  There is no charge. Go visit Word Press.com.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

Very foggy again the other morning. I appreciate fog because it helps provide unusual photographs. However I think we have had enough gray, dull, and boring days for this fall.  It is also cutting into our winter weather. (I hope I don’t regret saying that.)

Tags and Categories

KODAK Digital Still Camera
One of the important chores in producing a blog has to do with search labels, otherwise known as Tags and Categories. A new blog is not a problem because you can quickly scroll through the contents to find what you are looking for.  As a blog grows the data or subject matter becomes a problem. Who wants to scroll through a hundred blogs looking for a topic that has your interest.

When you label a post with a category you narrow down the subject matter for example, to things like photography, genealogy, or birding. If you are searching with a specific topic such as “tattered curtains”, “fog”, (such as the photo I have added above) the chore is greatly reduced.

In addition, it is required that you give the current location of the topic or photograph, again to assist in locating it. As the contents of a blog grow and expand, a search becomes more manageable if the blogger has added lots of tags and categories. This blog has a search engine awaiting your interests, but needs time to grow.

The Fog is starting to lift.

100_5437 (640x480)

The fog is lifting on my blog and I am starting to gather some statistics. Even the best blog in the world is a waste of time if no one reads it. I am not trying to be famous, I simply wish to share my blog and photos with people who have similar interests.

This blog was a bust until I posted it on my Face Book page. Until this  morning I had zero visitors and zero page views. Once on Facebook the visitors started to roll in and I am very pleased to report that as of 8 pm I have had seventy-seven visitors who have reviewed 103 pages! I even had one comment, but no “Likes”.

While all of this activity is appreciated it does not make what I would call a successful blog. That would require steady traffic over a period of some time.  Success will require good photos and interesting topics and that will be my responsibility. Hopefully I will keep the blog interesting and earn some likes.

Morning Fog – Northern Minnesota

KODAK Digital Still Camera
I awoke before sunrise one recent morning and notice that it was very foggy. As the sun slowly rose Icould see that the fog hung low over the fields all around me, blurring the distant trees but making the closest one very sharp. I quickly rose and jumped into my little truck and headed out to find some interesting landscapes. The photo in my first blog was taken the same morning.

I learned some time ago that ground fog can be very fleeting and it is necessary to act quick as the bright sun quickly evaporates ground fog. This shot was taken looking across a field right behind my home.